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Congratulations to CPE Summer Intensive 2015 Trainees

We don’t always get quick updates on who has completed their trainings, but when we do, we would like to pass that along. We have received updates from Mary Johnston Hospital, and from Bukal Life Care/PBTS. Both had their graduations/commissionings on May 29, 2015.

CPE Trainees Summer 2015

(Mary Johnston Hospital, Manila)

Emerenciana Andres

Sunshine G. Bulet

Lamelia B. Habon

Renante Q. Halog

Victor Layug

CPE Supervisor

Dr. Sim Dang-Awan

CPE Trainees Summer 2015

(PBTS and Bukal Life Care)

Teresita Acdol

Jestoni Aduca

Dennis P. Alida

John Mark M. Bagalan

Arturo C. Balagot

Edgar Chan

Dionelle John B. Cornate

Sr. Rufina Dubao

Meriam G. Dulay

Mariz S. Eustaquio

A. R. Fabiala

Corina Mariano

Lalaine C. Mirasol

Rebecca Ann S. Pesquera

German B. Ramboyong Jr

Serafina Tenenan

CPE Supervisors

Celia P. Munson

Dr. Paul C. Tabon

Jehny M. Pedazo

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Certification Board

Congratulations to Ptr. Phanuel Buac for passing his certification board for “Clinically Trained Minister” (CTM) with CPSP-PI. His board was in Baguio City, May 15, 2015. Primary board members were Dr. Sim Dang-Awan (SIT program), Jehny Pedazo (SIT program), and Cori Mariano (CC/PC).

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Disaster Response Chaplaincy

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Active Programs

1.  Baguio.  Four CPE groups are currently active.

  • Bukal Life Care.  Group 1.  Celia Supervising.  4 for full unit. 1 for half unit. Started March 16.
  • PBTS.  Group 1.  Doc Paul Supervising.  4 for full unit. Started March 16
  • Bukal Life Care.  Group 2.  Jehny Supervising. 3 for half unit. Started April 8
  • Bukal Life Care. Group 3.  Celia Supervising.  4 for half unit. Started April 9

<Next group will be June 23rd. Saturday half unit, 9 weeks long.>

2.  Vis-Min. Graduate Training Seminars. Led by Rev. Cal Sodoy.

  • MARCH 23 TO MAY 1 CPE Graduate Training Seminar at Capiz Emmanuel Hospital, Roxas City
  • JUNE 1 TO JULY 10 CPE Graduate Training Seminar at Brokenshire Mem. Hospital, Davao City

3.  Manila (Mary Johnston Hospital). Led by Dr. Sim Dang-Awan, with Chaplain Victor Layug.

  • Group started April 6.
  • A Saturday Extended CPE will start July 4th.

4.  No updates as of yet for CPE schedule at PCMC (Quezon City), PARC (Baguio City), and Love C Center (Ansan City, South Korea).

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CPE Updates

CPE is in full swing in several locations.

Baguio. 8 are presently training at the Bukal Center and 4 at the PBTS center.

Mary Johnston. 6 will be starting at Mary Johnston Hospital this April.

Clinical Pastoral and Spiritual Care Training Center. Several simultaneous groups are starting in various hospitals this Summer. The one in Roxas City has already started. Hope to have more info soon.

Coming Up

Partnership between Bukal Life Care Training Center and PBTS. An intensive course in Disaster Response for Ministers will take place at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary. May 13 pm, all day 14th and 15th, and ending 16th am. The primary instructor will be Mr. Dean Miller from Virginia Baptist Disaster Response, as well as disaster response chaplains from Bukal Life Care. The course can be taken for credit at PBTS. It can also be taken in credit and professional training for CPSP certification.  Cost is P2500 for those residing on campus. For those not in need of lodging, it is P1500. Contact:

June 23rd will start Saturday Half Unit CPE at Bukal Life Care.

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Supervisor-in-Training Peer Support Group Meeting

Friday, March 20, starting 9AM will be the SIT Peer Support Group for Northern Philippines Region of CPSP-PI. The purpose is for professional development, and personal growth, for those involved in supervisory work in Clinical Pastoral Education.

It will be held at the office of Bukal LIfe Care, on the grounds of Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (Baguio City).

Expected attendees are SITs from Baguio, Manila, and Korea.

CPSP-Philippines is a regionally partnered organization of the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy. CPSP-PI provides certification and accreditation services for chaplains and pastoral care workers, as well as Clinical Pastoral Education programs.

If you have any questions, please email us on the Contact Us Page.

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CPSP-Philippines Moving South and North

CPSP-Philippines was founded in Baguio City in 2011. The expansion has been slow, but it is speeding up both to the South and to the NoCPSP_PH_TestLogo(1)rth. Starting from the South and moving North.

1.  Visayas and Mindanao. CPE Supervisor  Calixto Sodoy is overseeing three CPE training centers: Visayas, Mindanao, and Southern Tagalog. He is working with Supervisors-in-Training, Cris Sian and Mary Grace Labis. It is great to be working with them and are excited at the possibility of expanding pastoral care and clinical chaplaincy in these regions. They will be busy this Summer with CPE trainees. Additionally. another member is working to establish a chapter, and initiating clinical pastoral care, in Zamboanga.

2.  Metro Manila.  Dr. Sim Dang-Awan and Dr. Victor Layug will be leading a CPE training at Mary Johnston Hospital. This will be handled residentially at the hospital. The unit will start on April 6 and continue to July 4.

3.  Baguio.  The Bukal Life and PBTS Training Centers will be holding joint CPE trainings on the campus of PBTS, in conjunction with Baguio General Hospital. The SITs in charge are Celia Munson and Jehny Pedazo of the Bukal Life Training Center, and Dr. Paul Tabon of the PBTS Training Center. The full unit starts March 16th and continues for 11 weeks. The half unit starts April 8 and continues 6-7 weeks.

4.  Korea. Dr. Y. Lee will be starting CPE in the Ansan City area in the next few weeks. More info as it becomes available.




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CPE, CPC, and More in 2015

A few updates. As Summer is beginning here (Summer starts in March in the Philippines) a number of things are happening.

1.  Clinical Pastoral Care.  CPO (“Clinical Pastoral Orientation”), a shortened-form of CPE intended for professionals and Bible school students, is finishing up in Baguio. CPO has requirements that are approximately 1/4th of a Full Unit of CPE (and according to my calculations, that is 1/2 of the requirements of a Half Unit). It provides a taste of the philosophy and training structure of CPE for those who are curious… and can be taken for school credit in some places.

Additionally, our Foundations of Clinical Pastoral Care book in development has just pased the 100 page mark (finally). It is almost a year and a half in development… but it is rolling now. It seeks to integrate the methodology and insights of the modern CPE and pastoral care movements, with the insights and theological grounding of the historical pastoral care movement. Prayerfully, the first draft should ready by June. This will provide the text basis for CPO/CPC training.

CPO will start again, hopefully, in June or July, but this time in Bulacan. Will keep you updated. <Note: While CPE is certified certified by CPSP-PI in conjunction with the standards of CPSP, CPO is not. It is a training program under the standards of Bukal Life Care… following methodology and quality standards of the CPSP-PI CPE program.>

2.  Clinical Pastoral Education. CPE always seems to be a fluid thing since it is small groups driven by need and opportunity. However, it LOOKS like CPE will be held this Summer at:

  • Three locations in Manila
  • One location in Baguio
  • One location in Korea

3.  D.Min. in “Pastoral Counseling and Clinical Pastoral Supervision.”  This program is held in Central Philippines University, in partnership with CPSP and CPSP-PI. The program is new but on-going. We are excited by its potential.

4.  Disaster Response Chaplaincy. CPSP-PI, Bukal Life Care, and Philippines Baptist Theological Seminary, will be holding a 3-day intensive training in Disaster Response Chaplaincy May 13-16 (yes, it looks like 4 days… but the ends are cut off). One of the goals of CPSP-Philippines is to add a sub-specialty for Clinical Chaplains of Disaster Response Chaplain.

5.  CPSP-PI Standards and MOA. CPSP-Philippinesstandards have been disseminated for utilization by chapters, training centers, and CPE programs. They closely follow the standards set by CPSP. The Memorandum of Agreement between CPSP and CPSP-Philippines has been written up and is presently being reviewed by both parties. Hopefully, the final version will be done soon for signing. The MOA will ensure equivalency of programs and reciprocity of certifications between the organizations.

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CPSP-Philippines Standards 2015

Revision A of the CPSP-Philippines Standards for 2015 is complete and ready for review and comment. The Document covers the following:

  • Accreditation Standards of CPSP-PI Training Centers
  • Certification Standards of CPSP-PI Members
  • Standards for Chapters (and Members of Chapters)
  • Covenant and Ethical Standards for Members

It may be downloaded by CLICKING HERE

Comments are welcome.

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