Announcements: September 2015 and Beyond

#1.  Schedule of Upcoming CPE groups from Clinical Pastoral and Spiritual Care Training CenterCPSP_PH_TestLogo(1)

November 2-December 11     Romblon Provincial Hospital (Tablas Island)

March 21-April 29 (2016)    Capiz Emmanuel Hospital (Roxas City)

May 9 – June 10     Iloilo Mission Hospital (Iloilo City)

July 4 – August 12    Brokenshire Memorial Hospital  (Davao City)

For more information, please contact Dr. Cal Sodoy  (

#2.  Baguio City Schedule for CPE

PBTS Training Center CPE group will be finishing their unit this October.

Bukal Life Care Training Center will have a new group starting September 24

Summer Intensive will start for both PBTS and Bukal in mid-March. Other groups will be announced soon.

#3.  Mary Johnston Hospital Schedule

CPE group is expected to finish this October. Another group is tentatively scheduled for April 1st, 2016 (Our information here may be a bit out of date. Welcome any updates on this schedule as well as any other groups)

#4. Pastoral Care Week. October 25-31. Celebration Seminar in Baguio
on the 27th. Other events may be elsewhere.

#5. Visit from Dr. Raymond Lawrence, General Secretary of CPSP to Baguio. November 22-26

23rd of November:  Seminar on Dr. Lawrence’s new book on Case Studies. Followed by  Case study presentations.

24th of November. SIT training.

26th of November. Thanksgiving and MOA signing.

#6.  Working on shirt design for CPSP-Philippines Members. Hope to have it available before MOA signing.

#7. January. CPSP-Philippines BOT meeting.

#8.  Membership Drive is starting now to be completed December 2015.  This will be followed by Chapter Formation/Assignment, and Training Center accreditations in 2016.

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Pastoral Care Week 2015

<Note from CPSP>

Pastoral Care Week (PCW) is just around the corner (October 25-31, 2015) and this year the theme is “Spiritual Care Together.”  This year, PCW has partnered with a new vendor and their merchandise site ( is now open for business, with a simplified shopping cart and payment system.  Additionally, there is a full-service customer care department with a toll-free number (1-800-318-3849.  It is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM EST).  Most orders will ship within 48 hours (to a physical address – no post office boxes!).

Pastoral Care Week ( celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, and its rich history can be found at .  PCW later affiliated with the COMISS Network (of which CPSP is a member).  And CPSP’s own Linda Walsh-Garrison, BCCC, is the immediate Past-Chair of the Pastoral Care Week initiative, having served that role in a splendid fashion for several years.

“Spiritual Care Together” focuses on holistic care of the individual and the need to work collaboratively across disciplines to meet the biological, psychological, social and spiritual needs of those for whom we provide care.  We seek this opportunity to dialogue, educate, support and join together in understanding the spiritual and/or religious needs that impact the physical and mental wellbeing of individuals as we join with them in their journey toward healing and wholeness. 

Please take a look at the PCW website and see what merchandise might assist you in promoting our profession, as well as calling attention to your department’s vital role within your institution.


Dave Plummer, BCCC, DPP
Past-Chair, COMISS Network

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Up Coming Activities

We don’t always have everything that is going on. But as we learn them, always happy to pass them on here.

  • JULY 25        Start of CPE Batch (PBTS Training Center).  Dr. Paul Tabon
  • JULY 25        Start of CPE Batch (Mary Johnston Hospital). Dr. Sim Dang-Awan
  • AUGUST 3    Start of CPE Graduate Training Seminar at Medical City Iloilo and Western Visayas Regional Medical Center, Iloilo City. Dr. Cal Sodoy
  • SEPTEMBER ____   Start of CPE Batch (Bukal Life Care Training Center). Celia Munson
  • NOVEMBER 2   Start of CPE Graduate Training Seminar, Romblon Provincial Hospital, Odiongan, Romblon (Tablas Island, Philippines).   Dr. Cal Sodoy
  • NOVEMBER 15  Visit from Dr. Raymond Lawrence, General Secretary of CPSP (Intl)

Trainings planned for November (2015) and January (2016), as well as Certification boards. Exact days will be give more information as we learn them.

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CPE at Mary Johnston Hospital

Message from Dr. Sim Dang-Awan:

On CPE Intensive Chaplaincy Training: The Rev Dr Victor S Layug, our Incumbent Chaplain at Mary Johnston Hospital, Tondo, Manila. and I will open the Intensive CPE Training program on Saturday, 25 July 2015. That is if we have 4 enrollees as minimum or seven as maximum numbe.s The sessions will be on Saturdays only and last for 13 Saturdays up to 17 October 2015. The requirements are: Meet once a week for 8 hrs for 13 weeks/ Each trainee presents a total of 10 case Studies (Verbatims) from patients/counselees / Reading assignments and didactic seminars are incorporated in the curriculum/ Weekly Group relations/ Individual Clinical Supervision sessions/ Reflections/ Journal entries/ Activity logsMidterm Evaluation – 29 Aug 15/ Final- Unit Evaluation – 10 Oct 2015/ Certificate of Completion will be given on last gradui-ation day- 17 Oct 2015. Fee for the whole unit is 15k, but we are giving an scholarship 7K each. So you will only pay 8k in full or in 3 installment arrangement with Dr Layug, who is our CPE Hospital Coordinator. Please pass the information. If by July 18, this coming Saturday, we don’t have the number of students required, we will target to hold it in The summer schedule na, that is 01 April to 30 May 2016.

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Consultation Retreat

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Congratulations to CPE Summer Intensive 2015 Trainees

We don’t always get quick updates on who has completed their trainings, but when we do, we would like to pass that along. We have received updates from Mary Johnston Hospital, and from Bukal Life Care/PBTS. Both had their graduations/commissionings on May 29, 2015.

CPE Trainees Summer 2015

(Mary Johnston Hospital, Manila)

Emerenciana Andres

Sunshine G. Bulet

Lamelia B. Habon

Renante Q. Halog

Victor Layug

CPE Supervisor

Dr. Sim Dang-Awan

CPE Trainees Summer 2015

(PBTS and Bukal Life Care)

Teresita Acdol

Jestoni Aduca

Dennis P. Alida

John Mark M. Bagalan

Arturo C. Balagot

Edgar Chan

Dionelle John B. Cornate

Sr. Rufina Dubao

Meriam G. Dulay

Mariz S. Eustaquio

A. R. Fabiala

Corina Mariano

Lalaine C. Mirasol

Rebecca Ann S. Pesquera

German B. Ramboyong Jr

Serafina Tenenan

CPE Supervisors

Celia P. Munson

Dr. Paul C. Tabon

Jehny M. Pedazo

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Certification Board

Congratulations to Ptr. Phanuel Buac for passing his certification board for “Clinically Trained Minister” (CTM) with CPSP-PI. His board was in Baguio City, May 15, 2015. Primary board members were Dr. Sim Dang-Awan (SIT program), Jehny Pedazo (SIT program), and Cori Mariano (CC/PC).

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Disaster Response Chaplaincy

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Active Programs

1.  Baguio.  Four CPE groups are currently active.

  • Bukal Life Care.  Group 1.  Celia Supervising.  4 for full unit. 1 for half unit. Started March 16.
  • PBTS.  Group 1.  Doc Paul Supervising.  4 for full unit. Started March 16
  • Bukal Life Care.  Group 2.  Jehny Supervising. 3 for half unit. Started April 8
  • Bukal Life Care. Group 3.  Celia Supervising.  4 for half unit. Started April 9

<Next group will be June 23rd. Saturday half unit, 9 weeks long.>

2.  Vis-Min. Graduate Training Seminars. Led by Rev. Cal Sodoy.

  • MARCH 23 TO MAY 1 CPE Graduate Training Seminar at Capiz Emmanuel Hospital, Roxas City
  • JUNE 1 TO JULY 10 CPE Graduate Training Seminar at Brokenshire Mem. Hospital, Davao City

3.  Manila (Mary Johnston Hospital). Led by Dr. Sim Dang-Awan, with Chaplain Victor Layug.

  • Group started April 6.
  • A Saturday Extended CPE will start July 4th.

4.  No updates as of yet for CPE schedule at PCMC (Quezon City), PARC (Baguio City), and Love C Center (Ansan City, South Korea).

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CPE Updates

CPE is in full swing in several locations.

Baguio. 8 are presently training at the Bukal Center and 4 at the PBTS center.

Mary Johnston. 6 will be starting at Mary Johnston Hospital this April.

Clinical Pastoral and Spiritual Care Training Center. Several simultaneous groups are starting in various hospitals this Summer. The one in Roxas City has already started. Hope to have more info soon.

Coming Up

Partnership between Bukal Life Care Training Center and PBTS. An intensive course in Disaster Response for Ministers will take place at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary. May 13 pm, all day 14th and 15th, and ending 16th am. The primary instructor will be Mr. Dean Miller from Virginia Baptist Disaster Response, as well as disaster response chaplains from Bukal Life Care. The course can be taken for credit at PBTS. It can also be taken in credit and professional training for CPSP certification.  Cost is P2500 for those residing on campus. For those not in need of lodging, it is P1500. Contact:

June 23rd will start Saturday Half Unit CPE at Bukal Life Care.

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